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7 Passwords Every Business owner Needs to Know

As a business owner you need to act quickly when you find an opportunity that will give you a strategic advantage over your competitors.

Here are 7 passwords every business owner needs to know:


Why are these the 7 passwords every business owner needs to know?

  • Brand Reputation & Management- You need to know who is saying what about your brand even if you have outsourced marketing services. Maintain Control of your brand!
  • Business Intelligence-- As a business owner you need to know what is really going on in Google world with your website, Google My Business and Google AdWords.
  • Strategic Realignment- You find a better management or marketing tool or platform. You need these passwords to make the change seamlessly.

If you are like most business owners the list above made you start to think about how and where you store critical user names and passwords.  Problem is, many of us save them and never think about it again.  Keep them in a safe place and now how to access them!
Okay, here is a checklist you can use. We have left a few blank spaces so you can personalize it.

Phil Wiseman is the Founder of Analytics That Profit.

He is a certified Google analytics expert...

He works with companies that devote time, energy and money into email and social media but who have no idea if it's working. He helps them by conducting a deep analysis of their website analytics to see what's really going on - are they getting clicks or customers? As a result, they are able to measure the results of their marketing and make more intelligent business decisions that will result in higher revenues.

 He earned a B.S. Degree in Chemical Physics from Centre College in Danville, Ky. He is certified in Google AdWords, Inbound Marketing ,Social Media and HubSpot certified. Analytics That Profit is certified in Google Analytics. He is also an ASQ Certified Manager of Quality/ Organizational Excellence and ASQ Certified Quality Auditor. This background in quality allows him to use proven methods and tools for continuous improvement to enhance user experience with your business.