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3 Things to do to get new customer quickly

3 things to do to get new customers Quickly

Quit Making Sales Calls!

I got my first sales job when I was thirteen and have loved sales ever since. Always aspiring to be the best, I've spent countless hours watching sales videos, reading sales books and listening to audio about sales.

Some common (and way over-used) mantras spewed out by motivational sales gurus are: 
Say "I like myself, I like myself" 100 times a day.
Remember "Don't take rejection personally." 
Gotta "Just make one more call." 

Well guess what? The gurus are wrong!

If you want to get new customers quickly - do these 3 things: 

3 things to do to get new customers quickly analytics that profit
  1. Stop making sales calls for one month.

  2. Talk to your current or past customers, instead. 

  3. Ask them great questions and take notes.


Here's what you'll learn:

  • Why your current customers picked your product or service.

  • New challenges they see on the horizon.

  • Where they are going to look for help
    for their challenges.

Here's what you'll do with this information:

3 things to do to get new customers quickly analytics that profit
  • Write Content that is filled with your unique benefits.

  • Provide information that shows you understand and help solve their challenges.

  • Be there when they look for help.

Scared to try it? Don't know what to ask? No problem.

We have created a cheat sheet with 25 questions you must ask your customers..

Now go get those new customers!