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Why Now?

The journey begins.

As a business owner and from my experience working with other businesses I saw the necessity of having a website, but never completely understood how it could be a revenue stream if you didn't sell anything on your website. So I did what most business owners do, I hired an agency to bring traffic to my website through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Keywords and Adwords, search ads and display ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, marketing emails, blog posts — the wheels were turning. The agencies I used provided me with really colorful reports. Your results are great I was told. They gave me all of this data, a bunch of numbers, but I was still left wondering, "What does it really mean? Where is the actionable business intelligence? How do I monetize an RFQ? What is the value of a contact request?"

I knew something was missing from these agencies. Was it because the businesses I worked with were too small? Did the large companies get some "secret sauce" that these agencies that we weren't receiving? I've had a passion for numbers and data for as long as I can remember, I was a nerd before nerd was cool. My background in Quality provided me with many tools for looking at data and strategic planning. The answer had to be in the data. So I began to study — books, webinars, seminars, anything I could get my hands on really — and the pieces started to come together. My next step was earning certifications in Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Inbound Marketing, and Social Media. 

After all of that, I figured out what was missing! None of these agencies had taken the time to align my business objectives with clearly defined measurable outcomes from the internet or social media. They did not share the dreams and goals of the companies I worked with. My passion was not their passion and they expected me to connect the pieces. Our conversations had been way too casual — "Fill out this form," "We need your credit card information for billing," "Here is your monthly report." They supplied me with no unique, data driven, insightful business intelligence for the businesses I worked with. They provided a valuable service of getting the data, but it was up to the business to find the value in the data.

My journey has afforded me the opportunity to meet many of the brightest minds in data analysis. Chief Data Officers, Chief Marketing Officers, Chief Information Officers, and Data Analysts from very successful companies. Enter reality. Many businesses do not have the resources to have dedicated staff to perform these roles. They need an agency to partner with them, share their passions and dreams, and provide actionable business intelligence to make data driven decisions aligned with revenue goals.

So . . . I  started my own agency!  I am pleased to announce that Analytics That Profit is a Google Partner.  My passion for numbers and data is the agency's passion. Your business is our business. Your success is our success.

Our Blog page will avoid geek speak. Yes, we will spell out the acronyms. No, we won't have a sales pitch at the end of every post.

Our Projects page will share real case histories and results achieved. But we never share client information so the names will be changes to protect the successful.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me personally at


Phil Wiseman
Founder, Analytics That Profit