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Does SEO increase revenue?

SEO- Search Engine Optimization- will certainly bring more visitors to your website. The question is, Do more visits equal more revenue? The blunt answer is NO. We see common mistakes companies make when implementing an SEO strategy.

  • No Definition of Success- If you don't know what you want, how will you know when you have it? This does not have to be complicated. # of quote requests, # of downloads, # of form submissions, etc. Determine a metric for your success and a time frame. Review the data at specified time frames and build on successes and learn from failures.
  • Content & Context- Simply having words on a page does not increase user engagement. There must be context that adds value to the user experience. Your message must clearly articulate value to the visitor based on what they were expecting when they searched. Look at your Bounce Rate- This tells you how many visitors looked at only one page and left. Also look at Time On Page- This will tell you if they actually engaged with your content.
  • No Call-To-Actions- So you have great Content & Context, what do you want the visitor to do? Are you looking to generate Quote Requests, Product Demo, Download a document, schedule a phone call or an on site meeting? Is it clear how to do this on your landing page? A simple hyperlink can be missed. Use a visual. A good visual. If you do not have a graphic artist on staff consider using a program like Canva. You can also generate quality graphics in PowerPoint. Simply right click and save as picture.
  • A Measurement Plan-You don't have to be an e-commerce site to monetize activity on your website. Google Analytics allows you to set goals. These goals can be a landing page, a download or submitting a form. The math is simple. How many people purchased your product after they completed a goal? Use historical data to determine the value of the goal. This step is critical to determining an ROI- Return On Investment.

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