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Red Flags that you have partnered with the wrong company!

Real Life makes for the best lessons. I was meeting with a very bright young entrepreneur who truly does have a unique product offering that is needed. He was expressing his frustration that it just did not seem like his message was resonating through his website. He had partnered with a company that had assured him that if he did a total website redesign and used their recommended key words his website would become a revenue generator. The monthly reports he was provided implied that his website was one of the best and followed all best practices.  The reality was the website did not capture his passion nor did it reflect his primary goal of a consultation meeting before purchase. A review of his Google Analytics showed that his landing page had a 100% bounce rate and visitors were not getting past the first page and there was no traffic from the immediate geography near his location. The data showed red flags that that there was a disconnect between the company he partnered with and his business goals and objectives.

  • Can your partner clearly articulate your business goals and objectives? Are they listening or doing all the talking?
  • Their conversation centers on what they have done for others. Your business is unique. Do they understand what you do and how you do it? Have they captured your uniqueness?
  • Do you have an agreed upon measure of success within a specified time frame? # of newsletter signups, # of requests for consultation, # of sales, etc.
  • Reporting that provides specific business intelligence for areas of improvement. You have defined success and a timeline- what changes need to occur to reach success?

All things are never equal. Make sure you partner with a company that understands your unique business needs and provides you with actionable business intelligence.