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Dr. W. Edwards Deming is well known for his 14 points for Management presented in his book Out of the Crisis.  His principles have been applied in businesses of all sizes and market sectors with great success.

Here are his 14 points:

  • Create a constant purpose toward improvement.
  • Adopt the new philosophy.
  • Stop depending on inspections.
  • Use a single supplier for any one item.
  • Improve constantly and forever.
  • Use training on the job.
  • Implement leadership.
  • Eliminate fear.
  • Break down barriers between departments.
  • Get rid of unclear slogans.
  • Eliminate management by objectives.
  • Remove barriers to pride of workmanship.
  • Implement education and self-improvement.
  • Make "transformation" everyone's job.

Create a constant purpose towards improvement

            How does this integrate into your marketing strategy?

marketing strategy analytics that profit

 Plan long term.

Resist short term solutions.

Don't do the same things- do better things.

Predict  & Prepare for the future.

Do one thing better today.


Avoid band aids and quick fixes.

The internet is ripe with offers of use this template and double your open rate and use this content offer and triple subscriptions. Nothing wrong with experimentation IF it fits with your long term marketing strategy.

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