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Keywords: How do you use them to improve SEO?

So you want to be on page one in Google Searches. Just Google it. You will see 132 million results.

Seriously? How on earth are you supposed to know what to do? Google has not used keyword meta tags since 2009 so the magic bullet is not shoving a bunch of keywords into code somewhere.  Search engines got wise to the "trick" of drawing traffic to your site without any real content to match the keyword search.

How do you use keywords to improve SEO?

Think of your website as a novel that tells your story NOT a dictionary full of words. There is a reason that people want your product or service. Explain why they should consider you by telling your story in their words on your website. Just like a novel, the story line must be interesting. Your website should not be a work of fiction. Use relevant facts and research and links to credible authorities to prove your claims.

It really boils down to 3 simple rules.

Content- Use keywords that someone looking for your product or service would use. There are numerous free research tools to find quality keywords and search volume.

Google AdWords Keyword Planner is one example. If you do not have an AdWords account you might look at Keyword Tool.

Context- Use keywords in telling your story. You cannot get every keyword in context on every web page( No one is going to scroll down to read them). 

An easier way to use keywords in context is to write a blog. Blogs offer you the opportunity to share very focused content in context. If you don't know where to start you might consider Blog School.

Credibility- When you use keywords in context your audience will be more engaged and share your content. This builds credibility.

Linking to respected authorities builds credibility. Inbound links to your site also builds credibility- Make sure they are respected. I link to Statista frequently as they thoroughly vet their data sources.

Implementing these 3 rules will increase your organic search results in internet searches. You can add extra punch by running a well crafted marketing campaign focused on the keywords on your website. If you want to learn more about how we have helped business achieve these objectives just click below.


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Phil Wiseman


Phil Wiseman is the Founder of Analytics That Profit.

He is a certified Google analytics expert...

He works with companies that devote time, energy and money into marketing but who have no idea if it's working. He helps them by conducting a deep analysis of their website analytics to see what's really going on - are they getting clicks or customers? As a result, they are able to measure the results of their marketing and make more intelligent business decisions that will result in higher revenues.

He earned a B.S. Degree in Chemical Physics from Centre College in Danville, Ky. He is certified in Google AdWords, Inbound Marketing ,Social Media and HubSpot certified. Analytics That Profit is certified in Google Analytics. He is also an ASQ Certified Manager of Quality/ Organizational Excellence and ASQ Certified Quality Auditor. This background in quality allows him to use proven methods and tools for continuous improvement to enhance user experience with your business.