Analytics That Profit- Case study in email optimization.


Client Two

Sales Person B

Email Optimization- Open Rate & Click Through Rate.

Sales Person A

A client was using a robust CRM- Contact Relationship Manager software platform that measured interactions with emails sent. The company had standardized emails to project a uniform voice of the company and branding. Fonts, CTA's- Call To Actions, Signatures were all uniform in all email templates.

Sales Person A had a 42% Open Rate and a 7% Click Through Rate.

Sales Person B had a 62% Open Rate and a 36% Click Through Rate.

How could 2 people be using the same email template and getting such different results?

Was Salesperson B adding something to the email that made it more effective? Was Salesperson A adding something that made it less effective? Were they sending the email to the same audience?

This particular company had done an excellent job of segmenting their customer base through VOC- Voice of The Customer surveys and sales patterns and industry specific needs. Both Salespeople were using this segmentation and sending the same emails to the same audience (Buyer Persona).

How could the results be so different?

Salesperson A was using a workflow based on time from last contact or interaction.

Salesperson B was using workflow based on specific interactions: website visits and page interactions, industry and company specific news, etc.

The data told the story. Even though Salesperson A sent 3 times more emails Salesperson B had a 3 times greater Click Through Rate. Salesperson A was really sending a "Just Checking in" email even though it was in a workflow. 

Solution: Send a message that is relevant to your customers and prospects and adds value.

Quality versus Quantity.