Analytics That Profit™is certified in Google AdWords. Unlike the big box agencies that will tell you how many Fortune 100 companies they work with, our focus is helping small businesses.

We work with companies that understand the competitive value of Google AdWords, but do not have the budget to afford a full time staff dedicated to analyzing their ads for effectiveness. Our focus is on providing actionable business intelligence  to seize opportunities to increase revenue. We do NOT require a minimum ad spend.

We level the playing field for small business marketing.

How to know if we are a fit for you business

  • You currently are not using Google AdWords, but want to compete at that level. 
  • You are using Google AdWords, but don't really know if they are generating revenue.
  • You currently are using an agency that provides you reports, but they have no connection to your strategic business goals.
  • You are currently using an agency that provides reports and it is always about impressions and clicks NOT revenue generated.
  • You receive periodic reports that do not clearly articulate areas for improvement. Nobody is perfect. Ever!

What to do next?

No cookie cutter out of the box program. We want to talk with you to understand your strategic goals and objectives.