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Success Snapshots

" Marketing gives us lousy leads " - A clear sign your strategy is not aligned and 2 way communication is not occurring. Facilitated open dialogue between Sales & Marketing to discuss the disconnect. Once criteria was mutually agreed upon, analysis of historic data from website and email interactions was used to develop a Predictive Scoring index to differentiate between a MQL- Marketing Qualified Lead and a SQL- Sales Qualified Lead.


" I spent a fortune on SEO and it did not increase revenue "- A review of website visits  showed that traffic to the website had in fact increased dramatically. A deeper look revealed a high Bounce Rate and very short Session Duration and Time on Page as compared to Industry Benchmarks. Mobile devices accounted for 30% of visits and Bounce Rate was double and Time on age 1/2 as compared to desktop. A review of search Queries was performed to help determine what information users were hoping to find when visiting the website. This Business Intelligence was used to make the site mobile friendly and to provide content  that visitors were expecting to find when they visited the site. These changes increased conversions by 15%. SEO- Search Engine Optimization without  a website that has engaging content is like throwing a party and running out of beer. People will come, but thy won't stay.