Analytics That Profit™- What is Inbound Marketing?

The internet has leveled the playing field for competition among small and large companies. Potential customers use the internet to research companies long before they contact them directly. Inbound marketing is customer centric not seller centric.

Inbound Marketing can be summarized in 4 steps:

  • Attract Potential Customers

  • Convert Them into Leads

  • Close Leads into Customers

  • Delight Customers into evangelists for your Products/Services

The Inbound approach is all about designing your website for conversion by providing valuable content that your ideal customer actually wants and is willing to provide information in exchange for that content. 

Inbound certified analytics that profit

Once potential customers provide information you must nurture that relationship with offers that add value to the relationship. Gone are the days of canned emails and generic white papers. Segmentation of your leads into specific buyer profiles is critical to identify the offers/information that is specific to their buying process. Leads will continue the buyers journey if and only if you establish brand trust and credibility with your offers.

You have nurtured the relationship so they become a customer. Now What? Your competitors want your customers as much as you want them. Remarkable content offers must be made to existing customers to keep them.

How do we help you?

Analytics That Profit takes a very deep dive into your analytics to provide you with meanigful business intelligence to identify what is working and what is not. It is not about  Impressions, Clicks or Likes. It is about conversion and revenue generation. Examples of business intelligence we provide:

  • Content Analysis

  • SEO Analysis

  • Social Media Effectiveness

  • Email Engagement

  • Meta Tag/Snippet Analysis

  • Conversion Analysis

  • Long Tail Keyword/URL Analysis

  • Website Engagement

  • Heat Mapping to better understand User Experience

hubspot certified analytics that profit

We are certified experts in Inbound Marketing and are HubSpot certified.


hubspot marketing analytics that profit

We work with companies that devote time, energy and money into email and social media but who have no idea if it is working. Our deep analysis of website analytics allows you to see what is really going on- are you getting clicks or customers?  As a result, you are able to measure the results of your marketing and make more intelligent business decisions that result in higher revenue.